Wine List

We have a great selection of wines available at the Hollybush and we have indicated where wine is served by the glass. 
  White Wines                                                                                    175ml            250ml                Bottle

1. Pinot Grigio, Pure - Venezie, Italy                                               £4.35       £5.70        £16.50
The palate is everything you would expect - light, clean refreshing and well balanced.

2. Sauvingnon Blance, Toada - Central Valley, Chile                      £4.45       £5.85        £16.95
Refreshing flavours of citrus, melon and herbs as well as a crisp, clean finish.

3. Marsanne-Voignier, Xavier Roger - Languedoc, France                                                £18.95
Aromas of citrus and huneysuckle, and rich in apricot and peach flavours.

4. Sauvignon Blanc, Kuraka - Marlborough, New Zealand                                                      £22.50
Fresh, herbaceous notes of limes, cut grass & gooseberry. Vibrant & zesty.

5. Garnacha Rose, Plenno - Navarra, Spain                                         £3.95       £5.15       £14.95
A juicy, off-dry. Sweet flavours of strawerries & raspberries.

6. Tempranillo, Pleno - Navarra, Spain                                                £395       £5.15        £14.95
This wine is soft & well rounded, medium- bodied and full of cassis and mulberry flavours.

7. Merlot Tonada - Central Valley Chilli                                                   £4.45       £5.85      £16.95
This rich Merlot displays smooth plum and black cherry fruit flavours.

8. Malbec, Las Palmas - Mendoza, Argentina                                                                  £19.50
Laden with cherry, strawberry and raspberry fruit and a faint hint of spice and smoke.

9. Terra de Lobos Red, Quinta do Casal -Tejo, Portugal                                                  £20.00
Soft red fruits, upfront and spicy with a nice edge of mature baked fruit.

10. Prosecco D.O.C. Pure - Veneto, Italy                                                                           £20.95
Delightfully fresh and fruity with harmonious hints of grapefruit, apple and pear

11. Prosecco II fresco D.O.C. Villa Sandi - Trevisio Italy (20cl)                                         £6.25
Soft & delicate flavours of pear and apple. From one of the top producers of Prosecco.

12. II Fresco Rose, Villa Sandi - Treviso, Italy (20cl)                                                         £6.25
Brimming wth strawberry, cream, and cranberry aromas. Light and refreshing with notes of raspberry.
  Rose Wines                                                                                      175ml            250ml                Bottle
  Red Wines                                                                                     175ml            250ml                Bottle
  Sparkling Wines                                                                                                       Bottle